Wednesday, May 15, 2013

la familia le tour de sydney!!

last two weeks, me went to sydney with my mak, abah and lil brother for five days..we staying at the great southern hotel..the location of our hotel is very good and strategic place..near to town, the paddington market and easy to look for halal food..the weather is about 14 degrees and yeah it was so freaking cold! freezing ever..hooooyeah..on the first day, we went to george street..while we walking along the george street, we've seen a lot of antique building such as the victoria secret, the post office, the national bank of sydney, museum, universities, library and many more..

then, i bought souvenirs for my friends at the george street..been to another country was amazing and nice to see the beautiful scenery especially at the rock, sydney opera house, sydney bridge..we took a lot of pictures here..well, i think i'm such a vain here..snap snap click hehe..the most excited thing was i can meet the koala and kangaroo at featherdale wildlife park..talking about koala and kangaroo..people will automatically know that these two animals are the most popular in australia..seriously, i really love koala and kangaroo..koala is very cute and kangaroo know how to posing when we want to take picture with them..we also can see dingo, wallaby, wombat and platypus here..

besides that, australian people looks very nice, friendly and handsome haha..sometimes it is very hard to understand the australian slang because it is too deep.. i mean the language..australian and british accent are look alike but some words is different for example like "good day" and australian said "good dai mate" "todai" yeah it is so fun to learn it right and i love british accent so much..on the second last day, we took hop on hop off bus (the famous london double decker bus) and have a ride around the sydney giler!

oh yeah i miss sydney already..australia is my fifth country that i've been..insyaallah if i have rezeki we will meet again someday..but will go to another country lah pulak..thank you mak abah for the best vacation so far and it was so double triple awesome mate! goodbye mate see you another next post..bdw, happy convocation day to all uitm students!! 


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