Wednesday, December 4, 2013

emotional confusion!!

wassup wassup everyone..alhamdulillah that i still remember my blog password..i miss blogging the way, how are you?? hope you guys just doing fine..well, about me actually nothing to share here but i have something to tell and i don't know how to begin the story..oh gosh! yeah because it's been around 7 months i didn't updated it is december already..2013 is going to be end soon..

talking about 2013, there are so many bad and good things happened..i'm kinda like 2013 very much..for your information, i just finished my degree in record management from uitm segamat and graduated on may at uitm shah alam..and i'm currently doing my part time job as personal assistant at private company in kota the same time i'm still looking for new job where is much better than current job because i want to have my own car and wanna giving some appreciation to my beloved parents from all what they have done for me throughout my whole life..

i'm twenty four already and for the next six years i hope that i will have such a great job insyaAllah..when i was kids, i really want to be an architect but that is just my dream and sometimes not everything that we want to have will come, i don't know what i'm doing.. been thinking a lot that am i doing the right things? why it is very hard to find a good job and have a good life or should i further master? nahhh malas lah ..ok lah stop complaining blablabla must always be grateful syukur alhamdulillah and thank you Allah s.w.t for everything..

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