Tuesday, April 2, 2013

not so smart phone!!

smartphone is new phenomenon of this generation..hey yeah everyone kinda obsessed with the smartphone..including me..if you ask your parents to buy you a smartphone..i'm pretty sure that your parents would love to buy it for you but mine was different..i bought it with using my own money..i love smartphone..plus, smartphone can be human best friend..according to the scientist from england, they said that smartphone user can be called as checking habit..it something like you will unlocked phone, look at the menu, facebook, scrolling down twitter, news, email, and other social applications in frequently like for every second, every minutes, every hours, every day! huh this is so true! it's feel like we cannot live without phone..

the other thing is about instagram and keek..i'm so addicted about these two applications now..instagram is an online photo sharing and very fast to take pictures while keek is for video sharing..people also can see through computer or phone..since smartphone have become an obsession for people, this will give bad impact sometimes for example to kid especially..they like to play indoor games such as play galaxy tab or phone or ipad instead of playing outside..meaning that, how advance kids nowadays and  they got early exposure to the internet..when i was kids i used to play some traditional games like congkak, ting ting, zero point, bicycle and so on...this is totally different and kids nowadays doesn't care about this anymore..they are so lucky..never mind! as long as that would not ruin your school or studies life..

besides that, the worst thing i've seen is people like to text while walking along a very busy street without looking to anyone..they just ignore them and not been socialized..someone referred this as "walker texter" oh come on guys that is just a smartphone which is not smart at all..sometimes it can be a stupid phone due to something crappy things happen and guys smartphone is just like human because not every phone is perfect!! but however, i still really grateful and thankful because we all living in the world of high technologies with the existence of apple, android, windows, sony and the list goes on..

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