Friday, February 1, 2013

Johor to Sarawak!!

assalamualaikum everyone..i'm back after for a very long time didn't update anything in here..i miss blogging..for your information, i've just finished studies about one week, i'm currently at kuching, sarawak!! yeay last week, my segamat friends combi and siti went to kuching..they took 8 a.m flight from Johor Bahru..they stayed with me at fafa hotel for 7 days 6 night..i was so excited because i can see them again and they willing to come, visited me and holiday in sarawak!! terharu much so, i'm going to be as a tourist guide for them..that was my first time ever yeeehaaaaa...

24th January 2013

first day, we visited sarawak museum, tun abdul razak museum, merdeka plaza, kuching waterfront, kampung boyan..nak pergi kampung boyan kene naik, we took penambang..oh yeah it's only RM0.50 cent..penambang is one of the most tourist attractions is local transportation sebelum wujudnya kereta semua..jadi rugilah if datang sarawak tak merasa naik penambang..after naik penambang, went to the spring shopping complex..we window shopped and had some movie there at MBO cineplex..we watched 3AM movie which is Thai ghost story..that movie was freaking hillarious, creepy and stupid movie ever haha then, i brought them to grill mama recipe..the special menu here is nasik aruk..nyummmy!! 

nasik aruk sarawak

penambang (bot sungai)
25th January 2013

day two..had breakfast laksa sarawak at wass corner with my mum and big sister...we woke up early just because want to eat the laksa and siti like to eat laksa sarawak..they said so nyummy, didn't have any idea where to bring them..ermm i asked my friend and he gives me an idea..he said "why don't u bring them to taman sahabat"..ahh wow..since dayang live there i asked her about the direction because her house is so near to taman sahabat..i took and kidnapped her..we just snapped click picture at's seems like everyone was tired so, i brought them to the iglool..iglool only have in sarawak!! it is something like cool ice where people will enjoy to eat it

durian ice (iglool)
then, we had dinner at topspot seafood together with my family..topspot is also one of the most popular seafood restaurant at mum ordered so many foods such as chicken lemon, ikan kerapu, sayur mydin belacan, soup, oyster pancake, and butter prawn special for combi and siti hehe we eat until fulll!!burrppppppp

the butter prawn!!

26th January 2013

day three..breakfast at home..woke up early again..sarawak cultural village is the most common places at kuching..i brought combi and siti here you can see sarawak ethnic's house such as iban house (rumah panjang), malay, chinese, melanau, ulu, penan, and bidayuh house and also have one hour of performance dance show..this place is something like you should not miss during your visit to as a tourist must go to this place..then, we stopped by at damai central and took pictures..

gunung santubong

after that, we went straight to cat museum..the places is full with various cat..last destination, we went to sugarbun..sugarbun is sarawak local fast food..we came home after lunch and had dinner at kenny rogers roasters..

27th January 2013

day four..we just window shopping at merdeka plaza and the spring shopping complex..but i asked them to  help me find new shoes for my sister wedding..and yeayyy i found one..thank you combi and siti hehe..they bought mee kolok for dinner while me sugarbun would be my didn't have any idea again where to, i took them to kubah ria..pasar malam and got beautiful scenery there..

kubah ria..pasar malam..
28th January 2013

on this day we went kuching main bazaar street..before that we had lunch at sepinang sari cafe..makan mee kolok!!..main bazaar street is a places of souvenir, handicraft, local handmade by sarawak itself..such as sarawak black pepper, t-shirt, sape, pua kumbu, kain songket, keychain, sarawak vast, sumpit, gambir and the list goes on..semua barang sarawak you can find here..then, we took penambang again to kampung boyan..combi and siti bought kek lapis and ikan terubok masin at dayang salhah kek lapis..before going back home, we stopped by and eat ais kacang at swee kang home we snapped picture as much as we want..we spent our last time together because it was last day combi and siti in kuching..

sarawak souvernirs!!
29th January 2013

it was tuesday and last day for combi and ct in kuching..sob sob mum and me sending them to kuching airport..the flight was on 6.00 a.m..too early. around 5 a.m would be the last goodbye..we shake hand and hugged for the last time haha take care guys!! hope you guys really enjoy here and please come again to sarawak next time..sorry if ada kekurangan and for all wrong doing while you guys were here..insyaAllah we will meet again yaaa from sarawak with love :)) 

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  1. Would you like to come down to Sarawak once more?

    Your trip looks short.

    To see Sarawak you need to go in depth.

    Here is a link for you to glimpse on a little what Sarawak is all about.