Thursday, November 29, 2012

random talk!!

lets begin with bismilah and assalamualaikum everyone..alhamdulillah i'm still alive birthday was a month ago..i'm officially 23 years old now..yeah getting older every year..well you know what..everyone are getting older and getting prettier and becoming woman..October seems pretty good for me because i've spent  my time with my cool friends at uitm shah alam, puncak perdana and they had surprised me with awesome birthday party..thank you guys!! love it so much..that will give me a good memory and November going to be end soon..

i hope next month will bring me a better life and have a bundle miracle maybe..December is the last month for 2012..time flying so fast and we cannot go back time..but only if you have the time nonsense machine hikhokhik..for the past few days, I've been through so many rough, tough day in my's kinda sad, disappointed and life seems not fun anymore..cannot wait to finish my degree and get my bachelor certificate next year..insyaallah, amin..soon i'm going to miss uitm segamat!! eventhough it was so many thick and thin things happened here but i will take it as good memory also..somehow it will brought me a happiness..let my heart always cool and free from any disaster stuffs..let it go!! try to make something fun and enjoy it..

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