Saturday, September 1, 2012

bad experience!!

last two month, i had made a big mistakes in my life..a careless mistakes..that things was happened unexpectedly and so fast!..i didn't realized it until at one time i want to pay something and that moment, i asked my friend, salmon..'' eyh, where is my wallet?? purse kmk ney''..she replied '' eyh, bukan ada dekat ktk kah??'' wahhhh.. so, i'm starting to worried and what we called like and salmon tried to remember anything and flash back..dimanakah wallet itu?? we run back to the brand outlet shop..because it was the last shop we had stopped by before we went to cold took one hour for us to search and look for it but unfortunately, we didn't found almost want to cry and salmon said calm down, relax..

i was pretend to be cool, take it easy, try to keep strong but actually it was not..then, both of us went to sunway police station and made a police report about the loss..then, we went back to campus with sad, empty mind and exhausted faces..after that, we asked wan to bring us to JPN on the next day at putrajaya..the most important things that need to be settle down is of course your IC and Card Bank first..these two things are really needed..alhamdulillah, everything is already took me one month and the half to settle everything such as license driving, card, my wallet is back to action and completed with all of it..thank you very much to my best buddy salmon, wan, my Mummy and anyone who had lending some hand in time of need..really appreciate that! 

this would be my bad experience..losing the wallet, really give big impact to me whoahh..well, it's ok it's alright..people learn from mistakes..past is past..i will take this as my lesson..i promise myself that i won't make a same mistakes again..insyaallah! bdw, heyy guys outside there please don't take this thing for granted..please handle your wallet or your bag carefully, do not teach me on how to take a good care of it and stop mention me about the careless mistakes i had made..oh perrrleaseeeee!!..especially this mistakes!! you know it right..bye!! talk the hand..