Tuesday, February 12, 2013

i love architect!!

i'm always a dreamer of becoming an architect!!

when a was kid i always wanted to be an architect..i love drawing very much..i usually draw when i have finished my homework or school..i love to draw building or house or anything that came out from my mind..i preferred to draw using a mechanical pen..you know shaker guys?? the pilot brand one..i used it because it can easily to rub it off if there is a mistake..i used to imagined that all picture or house been drawing will come to reality wahhhhhhh..everyday, i will improved my drawing by drawing more pictures until at one time, i just stopped drawing..

the art collections of mine
it's been for 6 years since i stopped drawing..actually i don't know why have i stopped drawing?? well perhaps it is because i found new hobby..i blamed the social networking!! it causing me so easy to forget and lost interest about the drawing thing..then, i feel regretted for not taking any art or graphic design courses..why? oh why?..but hey, regret don't solve you anything ok!! 

everyone have their own ambition..ambition is strong desire to achieve something in life..my ambition is want to be an architect or interior designer..but unfortunately, that ambition will not come through because i'm totally out from this field..i took a courses that nothing related to art field..i feel like want to get back and start doing it all over again but i don't have any passion and i had lost drawing skills..maybe i should let it go eventhough sometimes i feel very stupid, moron, idiot because i stopped loving the things i loved the most in my life..

my dream house!!
people always said that "tak semestinya benda yang kita minat dari kecik, semua akan menjadi kenyataan..kadang-kadang tak semua yang kita ingin, kita akan dapat..mungkin ada hikmah di sebaliknya" so, who knows maybe someday we will get a good job or something that much better from what we really want to have..nothing is impossible right..ohhhh yeah you don't know how much i really really miss drawing thing!! insyaAllah if i have rezeki i will meet you again my lovely old hobbies :)) 

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