Saturday, July 14, 2012

bye semester 5!!

lets begin my topic with bismillah..oh assalamualaikum! well hello, as you all know that, i just finished my final exam two days ago..ermm i don't have any comment..the papers kinda hard, difficult, disappointed and killed me a lot..but at the same time i just want to say alhamdulillah because i already did my best..yeah i hope the result will be okey and i just can't wait to see my result!! i'm so freaking serious..ohh how excited i am..

then, i'm officially free from any assignments, test and what so ever for 2 degree semester 5 is over!!..heyy wait..actually it was not over yet until i can see my result..huhu, all i need is pray to Allah s.w.t, tawakal, redha and think positive that it will be just fine..i don't care about my pointer, as long as my result is ok..that's all i want..insyaAllah..oh yeah, 6 days left to ramadhan..oh i'm going to puasa at shah alam..that was my first time puasa at peninsular malaysia..well, i want to have new experience and gain something new..alright, enough said..see you later...adios amigos!! from kajang with love..

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