Wednesday, August 29, 2012

hari raya!!

well a very good night name is blabla..really miss to update my's been around one month and a half i didn't post anything, here i come..i'm back to action again..i have so many story to write but it is too long to tell it here..oh ya guys it's still's your raya?? is it fun?? mine was great because i'm celebrating hari raya at so many places such as Kajang, KL, Perak, Kedah, and Perlis..only on the first day of syawal at Kuching..the rest at peninsular malaysia..

it was my second time since 11 years ago celebrating hari raya at my dad's side kampung at kuala kangsar, perak..whoahhh so long right..the environment of hari raya at kampung perak quite different than raya in, raya in kuching was glorious, more awesome, fun, enjoy because it is totally different and i don't know how to explain that..honestly, sorry to say..only sarawakian know how the environment was..yeh, but it's good to have experience celebrating hari raya at other that you will know the way they celebrate it..ok just forget about that..

oh oh when talking about hari is a must for me to collect duit raya every year..this year raya i got many envelopes than last year..the duit raya still in the envelope..haven't count it yet..i don't know how much amount of duit raya that i'm gonna have..wallaaa, ignore about the duit raya..oh ya, hah since syawal is 30 days, i still have time to wish you guys selamat hari raya aidilfitri to all muslims!! million apologies if i have doing something bad and forgive me for all of the wrong doings..i'm just normal human being that can't avoid from making too many mistakes to people..that was me..maaf zahir dan batin!! hope you guys out there will enjoy..happy 11th days of syawal peeps..

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