Thursday, June 28, 2012

world war 5!!

oh yeah, hey!! i'm currently struggling and studying for my degree final first paper will be start on 5th july until 12th july 2012..i have 3 final paper out of 8 subject for this semester..for this semester final exam schedule is quite boring due to the gap problem which is i have very long time to wait for the first makes me feel boring without doing nothing here..48 hours equal to 2 days, i just sleep, eat, online, talking with my dormmates, tweeting, facebooking gosh!! feeling like dying and suffering of boringness..

i just cannot wait to go back home..and 12th july please faster...i hope i can do and answer very well for my final exam and i really want to have good result..makes my parents and everyone proud that i can do much better, insyaAllah..eventhough i'm not a person with a brain or smart but at least i will try my best..starting from tomorrow i'm going to start doing revision and study!! haha last but not least, wishing all the best to all UiTM degree student for the final exam and also especially to my groupmates combi, chubby, and classmates, JIM2225A..good luck guys..let's fighting for semester 5..

semester 5 final exam schedule:
5th July 2012- IMR 554
8th July 2012- IMS 504
12th July 2012- IMS 552