Wednesday, June 27, 2012

normal problems!!

assalamualaikum readers..well, it's been a month since i last updated my, i'm back!!.today, which is 26 jun 2012, i've been motivated and consulted by Dr. Psychological..i met her because i have disaster feeling that i had suffered for around a week..i'm so stressed, tension and whatever confused feeling i had..only Allah s.w.t know how i feel..

i'm so scared to tell this things to be honest, i'm afraid to tell the truth and it might hurt people feeling..mostly, people said that i'm "lurus"..yeah i know it, and my mum also said like that to me haha disebabkan, i'm so lurus sometimes it can makes people will misunderstanding againts me..another things, is about guy, i really like him but i'm confused,.that feeling you get when you have conversation with a guy, you feel very awkward and seems like he have someone in his life..i'm just the only options when he feel lonely and don't have someone in his life..ok enough said..

since, i live here i have found so many good, nice girl and boy friends and i do appreciate people around me and i really love and like them...i swear to Allah!..i never hate them and i even don't have any reasons to hate them..please don't judge me by appearances..there are some people already think negative towards me and that makes me feel very unhappy..i don't have any beautiful inner behaviour as you are but nobody is perfect right..i'm not perfect either..please don't assumed me as what you think you are..yeah people can marah-marah me, but i cannot marah people back cause it will makes me cry! 

i really want to go home, i miss my home very badly..i think i'm facing the hardest feelings problems right now..friends are needed at this time but nobody knows that i have these kind of problems because i didn't show's so complicated for me to face this alone..i don't have any gut to do it so..i'm so scared to tell to anyone..i'm afraid that they will think that i just need attention and what so ever think..seriously, i'm such a coward..i'm not strong enough to face this alone..the only think i can do is crying, try to be strong, try to get rid this out of my mind and just act nothing happen..insyaAllah it will work..

Dr. Psychological had help me a lot today, she gave me a lot of good advices based on what problems i told her from A to, she is younger than me and she can think like orang tua hehe and matured than me ok..i really like and love her..thank you junior..she is the only one junior, i knew here..lastly, i'm so sorry and million apologies if i have done something unexpected to you guys..peace yaw!! hehehe