Monday, May 7, 2012

ohh fever!!

last last saturday (28 april 2012), i got high fever for almost one week..i took a test blood to ensure that whether i'm denggi or not but the test showed nothing and not denggi at all fuhhhhh..only got, i'm back to normal..alhamdulillah, feeling much much better now..but today, i have pening a lil bit..i don't know why maybe due to the bad weather that i had facing yesterday which is raining non stop..pleaseee i don't want to get fever again..huhu yesterday, i went to johor bahru with my partner, syukri and my beloved abah..we went there because we want to interview someone for our subject oral history..for this time our resources person was treated us nicely and so kind, friendly..i'm so happy about that..after that around 8 p.m, my abah sent me back to segamat..thank you abah!! really appreciate that..i love you abah..

thank you antibiotic!!!! 

talking about fever, my mum was so worried about that..she keep calling me for every hours every minutes every second..hehe wow, thank you mummy for being concern..i'm ok already..besides that, that was the first time in life, i took a test blood and i'm so freaking scary about that...then, i think i want to screamed out loud but i can't because it was not so pain at all..just a lil bit pain..nahhhhh i was cool like that! one more thing, i didn't have to skip any classes..class cancel..lucky me! and to-day me don't have any is holiday for me, let's go to sleep back again!! come on fafa...weeeeeeee

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  1. ya Allah Fafa

    ktk demam?

    siap ambik test blood. oh, seram aihh!

    ktk mkn ubt k, hunny bunny

    boh sakit2 lagi k