Sunday, April 22, 2012

kapal terbang!!

have you ever been on the plane before?? i mean fly going to yes..yes no..orait if you ask me, i would probably say yes then..i've been fly so many times since i was a baby until parents always like to bring us to go somewhere every time that my school has a break for holiday..i don't know when the first time i naik kapal terbang and i think almost 100 times or maybe more..

i'm so grateful and thankful because i'm among of the most lucky person who had chances to fly with using an aeroplane..yeah, not all people have this chance to fly..the ticket price is very costly..once or twice in a week it will have the promotion ticket to's depends on the situation..for example like if school holiday or hari raya, the ticket price will be, we need to book early to get a cheaper price..

Kuching International Airport!!

people always said that only rich person can be on the plane..hey, come on guys..wake up..please think in logically, everyone can be on the plane..have you seen the air asia trademark "now everyone can fly" is know why?because the price is more lower than malaysia airlines..compared to the other airlines, i think air asia is the most cheapest ok..sometimes MAS also have the promotion which is we can get the cheaper price than air asia..then, people from sabah, aeroplane is the only one transportation that their have to go to peninsular malaysia..because there is no other options..

as for me, everyone can fly and for those who haven't any chances yet to fly..someday you will fly me hehe..actually, naik kapal terbang akan best bila first time naik, bila dah naik selalu..seriously, bosan ok!! boring of would be stressed if the flight delayed for an hours..gahhhhhhhhh!! i just came back home yesterday from KL..alhamdulillah, safely arrived and the flight was running smoothly..right now, i'm having one week mid semester break..happy one week holiday guys!!..