Friday, March 30, 2012


well hello, hye and assalamualaikum's been a month since i last updated my usually, i miss you, BLOG!! ermmm what to say?? me don't have any idea..actually, i have a few story to write here but but it seems like not a good time to share with you, maybe later ok..oh yeah, now i'm currently at segamat still fighting and struggling to get my degree..i'm already in semester 5..semester 5 is more tougher than previous semester..huwaaaaaaaaa i'm so scared..stressed..tension..and hungryyy...hunggry??..eyh wait did i mentioned hungry?? lol yeay ok i'm haven't lunch yet..pity me..ok lerrr i think i should off now..want to eat..nyumnyumnyum see you again..peace (Y) 

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