Wednesday, February 22, 2012

done war 4!!

that feeling i get when i've checked my semester 4 result last night and the results was ok for me, is better than last semester and my pointer increased..i'm satisfied and really thankful for what i had been through for the whole semester..that was for the first time in my life i got 3 pointer above..i'm serious no mum very happy about the dad haven't know the result yet maybe tomorrow i'll tell him..but pleasee don't be too happy.. just be cool, awesome because i still have long long way to go to finish my instinct said that this coming two semester might be more tougher..then,it could be more challenging..anything can happen right..i really want to maintain 3 pointer and i hope that  i can manage it for next semester..amin!!..

there are certain boxes has been censored ooppsssss

hey guys..this is my semester 4  result..i got B for my Arabic,i was smiling..i must admit that this subject is very hard to the maximum power of 10..seriously! another killer subjects was filling (IMR503), research (IMR553) and preservation (IMR552)..ohh it was so hard, tension,stressed subject ever..but it's worth for being sleepless, not enough sleep and feel like to eat people..rawrr monster..anyway, i'm very grateful..thank you to Allah s.w.t and anyone..alhamdulillah once again for what i've done..bdw, congrats to all degree students!..uhhh uhhh next semester, will try to be more RAJIN!! work hard, less laziness, stop being insane and the most important things is focus..insyaAllah..hehehehehehehe..