Thursday, January 5, 2012


hye! how is your new years?..mine is so far so good..anyway, today is 5 january 2012..the day before yesterday is my 1st year that i was living in segamat..time flies very fast..i can't believe it was 1 year already i lives here..segamat is quite peace, cool and old town..first time i saw segamat i just only said one word which is 'wow'..that's all..imagine lah during that time, i was not in good mood to go to, that's why in my mind just want to said 'wow'... fyi, the original segamat word is came from the word 'segar' and 'amat'..i still remembered one of the HEA staff of uitm told me that "awak jangan risau ok..nanti ada bus kuning bwk pergi keluar bandar..then, dekat segamat ada mcd,pizza hut,marry brown, kfc, billion, giant and secret recipe", segamat ada mcd is very important fast food especially to student like us lol..

in terms of entertainment, segamat doesn't have much entertainment places to go..usually, the most favourite uitm segamat student will go is karaoke including me..since i was studying here, my friends always like to bring me to go karaoke and for me this karaoke things can makes us happy and released tension..yeah it's true ok..before this, i never like to go karaoke hehe this is really influenced me and i like it so much..then, there is the only one and first cinemas in segamat at one segamat mall that just open last month..i haven't been there yet..maybe segamat mall is just next to segamat terminal bus..kuikuikui..well, there is nothing much story me to tell you guys about segamat..i suggest that you should come to segamat at least once in your life or twice or can be more than right?..ok chow...sorry i don't have any pictures about segamat..u can google if you want to see..:))


  1. Hi. Since you talk about cool, peaceful place, just reminds me about my short trip to Sabah Last x-mas. I went to Kg Br Jumpa, Tenom. WOw. it's like a dream, my dream the least, fresh air, paddy field round the houses, got small stream and pond for fishing, can also "menjala". Tropical fruit trees all around. Mangosteen with fresh yellow latex, succulent mango fruit. wow! loads more.. its a bliss..

  2. oh really??..i never been there yet but i have been to sabah before and certain places at sabah like kundasang..quite a good place too and very cold..i mean the weather is very natural..:))