Friday, January 27, 2012


hello world..i'm already at kuching..the place that where i belong..i'm in holiday mode and having one month semester break now..from end of january until first week of march..oh my god!! so fast ok..i have two journey which is from segamat to kl and from kl to kuching..that was so exhausted because i need to double packing  or unpack which stuffs should i bring back to kuching...alhamdulillah the journey was running smoothly and safely arrived..this time i'm using malaysia airlines with my buddy, salmon..heyy it's been a long time ago since i last used the airlines..usually, i will use air asia airlines..this is because the MAS ticket price is more cheaper than air, i choose MAS..after we arrived at kuching, we wait for dayang and we went straight to the spring..then, went to giant supermarket, kuching central and dayang sent me back home..that was awesome day because i can met and hang out with dayang and salmon..hehe 

ok i think that's all for today..if i rajin i update lah lagi blog i ok..eyh wait!! since i already in kuching so my slang will be automatically change lah, i'm using 24 hours bahasa sarawak!! harharhar...kamek mok tido lok! klak mun ada masa mek update blog mek lagik k..insyaallah..:)) happy holiday to all uitm degree student!! 

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