Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 is new year!!

hye human!! i'm back..before i start it over..i want to wish HAPPY NEW YEAR!! is 2012 already..but 2011 is always in my heart..same goes to previous years also..there were a lot of memories in 2011 that i will never forget..every good memories or good moments that i had spent will bring me a lot of reminiscence in my life..for your information, 2011 was the year that changed me a lot.. i'm serious no jokes..the first things that had changed me a lot is i had learned on how to live in independent ways...

yeah since i was studying in segamat, i'm more independent than before..sometimes i don't need to depends much to people..everything is alone..i mean not everything la..certain things i should have someone by my side..being alone everyday will makes me crazy ok..wink wink plus it's can effect the mental problems ok..2011 also reminds me about the good and worst things in my life..the worst memory in 2011 were the student intake for december to april 2011 session was suck and my application for transfer campus had been rejected..i hate it so much..the stupid management ever..that was my worst memory ever..but but i don't want to think about it anymore..look i'm still can survive here..eventhough there were a lot of pro and cons living here.huhu..everything happens for a reason..what to do? i just accept it as much as i can..

how about the good memory in 2011?..yeay awesome..i love it so much...where as i can celebrated my 22 birthday with my good good friends at uitm puncak perdana..have an awesome trip with my classmates at cameron highlands and joined sabah n sarawak club trip to pulau pangkor...also best vacation ever with family at Hong Kong..then, diploma convocation day!!.. me super duper cool really like this memories...see 2011 was awesome, i hopes that 2012 will bring me more awesome wish list for 2012 is i'm hoping for the best and i want to grad on time which is want to have my degree as soon as possible..i want to get good cgpa for my result atleast 3 pointer above..and lastly, Happy New Year to everyone..wishing you guys have a good or wonderful life, always in healthy including me..insyaAllah..amin..:)) peace no war..


  1. o yeah..hehe

    baru dapat komen

    amin to all your resolutions k, fafa

    i hope you can achieve all your wishlists

    miss you, hunny bunny ^_^

  2. hehe yeah...amin!!...insyaallah..thank youu bunny bunny bee...i miss u tooo...muahhh