Saturday, November 26, 2011

boredom is killing me

dear holiday,

thank you for making my days freaking awesome boring like hell..seriously, today i don't feel like doing anything..i just laying on my bed..hey Bruno Mars thank you so much for created this songs...very creative and innovative..arghhhhhhh...i have tons of assignments but i don't have any mood to do....i went to sleep early last night and today me woke up around 12.30 p.m..this is so typical student life..oh as a student is not that can be difficult sometimes..but it is normal...forget about you know that i'm boring here??.dude i'm boring...i think my life getting suck everyday...dude i'm serious dude..hey why?..nak kata tension tidak..if i tension lagi lah dah jadi gila..actually, yes it was tension a little bit..

why do people get tension??..according to my research..haha research ah..tension usually triggered by some type of environmental or internal stress..the most common sources that can make stress is from family, friends, work, assignment, social relationships like having fight with boyfriend or girlfriend...fuhh i'm lucky because in my life i haven't ever been in this situation..did u get it what i mean??..only some people know..orait i do feel tension sometimes due to assignments or whatever stupid or unexpected things happen that involve case of that reason, i will try not to make it into big problems..come on is just a small matter ok..let me the one know that i'm tension or stress..i don't want people to get involved..sometimes i don't want to get any attention from others..please lah..if u stress kah tension kah..jangan nak show off sangat lah...annoying much...

ok stop talking about boring and tension..lets go to fun wait fun?..haha nahhh not fun at all.. yesterday, while waiting for my dearest ex-rommates, mira..i went to kitchen, want to drink some water..but unfortunately, i'm injured..when i was pouring some boiling hot water to my drinking hand accidentally spilled it and automatically,my left hand was BURN hit by hot water..ouchhhhhh i'm speechless..don't know what to do...try asking mira what to do..alhamdulillah, i used some colgate to cure the pain..much better now..that was my first time..i'm so lucky because it is not critical at all...fheewwww..last but not least, i hate for those who's going back home while me being stuck here..just sitting, staying with doing i care dude??..of course all muslims, selamat menyambut awal muharram..enjoy your holiday guys!!..