Wednesday, November 23, 2011

saving oh saving

lets begin our topic today with smile and happy..ok guys do you know what is money?..i guess this is very stupid question and i can guarantee that everyone know what money is..hihi...ok money is very important nowadays..everything is money..we can't live without i right?? either ok yeahh..talking about money..have you guys saving?..i mean menabung..some people yes and some not..i love saving money..really really love it..sometimes all the money that i got from my parents..i will keep it and not to spend it 100%..the balance i will put it in my money boxes..oh yeah..i started saving money when i was in primary school..i still remembered the first money i got from my dad was RM2...then, me spent RM1 only..from that day, saving money is part of my hobby until now..

money is my precious things also in my life..have you guys appreciate the money that you have now??.i do appreciate it and sometimes i use that money just to buy necessary stuffs..especially food, drinks and others  personal stuff that i think i want to buy..the reasons i saving is because hermmm for future??..eyh just for that??..eyh wait..bdw, hey looks nowadays there are so many amazing gadgets that attract me much to have it...such as ipad, iphone, ipod, samsung galaxy tab, blackberry,sony ericsson xperia, sony mp3..

oh goshhhh!!!..i really want to have these stuffs but it is all about money to get it..the only things that i aim to have is iphone 4S..i dont know why?? oh why i'm so much crazy about this is just a phone with high technologies that have entertainment to reduce stress, boredom and others...gahhh...besides that, i'm trying to have it someday with using my own money..if i can afford to buy it with my own money, it is means that worth for me saving all the time..ok ok enough about saving...

besides that, i really want to go to Mecca someday..mengejarkan haji..insyaallah..i have two money boxes at home..and that money maybe for me to go to Mecca..that's my good intention towards that, guys that's why it is important to saving is depends for you to saving or not...actually, it is not so important at all..if you saving from now on, maybe it can give a lot of benefits..yeah it is true because from the money that i earned from i was little is very useful for me today..i have bought so many stuffs with using my own money..but sometimes i will ask my parents to buy for me once..of course ok as a child.. compulsory!!..that is parents job to give money and buy something to fill their children satisfaction..i love you mak and abah..orait i got to's maghrib already..byeeeee guys!!

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