Tuesday, October 25, 2011

best birthday ever!!

assalamualaikum and good night everyone..hello bloggerss...did u miss me?..ermm no right..ok i miss my blog so much...and it's almost a month i didn't updated my blog..wow...orait today i really have mood to blogging because i have something special..first of all, i recently turned 22 years old last friday..alhamdulillah hehe..i'm getting older every year..well you know that everyone is getting older, getting prettier and becoming woman..oh m g...orait lets i start it over..it was my longgg story ever..

last friday, 21st october 2011..i went to uitm puncak perdana alone..that was my first time on the bus going to shah alam alone!!..but when i reached at terminal bersepade selatan (TBS)..i feel very shocked because the terminal very beautiful ok..just like airport..then, i'm waiting for wan to fetch me up..when, i saw wan.. i feel very happy because wan can make it through..he told me that he took a wrong train..so,i'm very scared already and think positive that he might be ok.my mum so worried about me and she keeps calling me  for every each 10 minutes to checked me up whether i'm ok or not..i love u very much mum because really concern!!..

then, we had dinner at KFC..after dinner, we walked and heading to KTM shah alam..from KTM shah alam..we went to KL central and took rapid bus kl..straight to uitm puncak perdana..i feel very excited and can't wait to see the others..around 10 pm something we arrived safely at puncak perdana..thank youu wan for the best trip ever..hehe..at salmi house..i feel very awesome because it was nice to meet salmi housemate..very kind and so friendly ok..

the next day...22nd october 2011..me hang out with salmi, kinah, fatin and setimah..we went to sunway pyramid...that was my first time also hang out with them at sunway..we had lunch at MCD and we watched movie..paranormal activity 3 was our choices..great movie ever haha...eventhough i just closed my eyes and didn't watched it FULL!..so scary ok!!..after movies, we jalan-jalan and windows shopping and also photoshoottt..it is a must ok...compulsary for us...:))

we reached at puncak around 7 something and 8 pm we had dinner at kandang..the only one kedai makan..during at this time, i felt something fishy because i saw wan n salmi had something plan..so, i ignored it for a while and be cool lalalaa..i'm so nervous..i heard someone mentioned and said tepung tepung..oh i felt jhjhjhuhuhu!!...yeay i'm trying to be calm..

after dinner, me followed kinah, salmi and fatin went to karnival halal..and got concert that performed by UNIC..waaa nasyid...i love jalinan and hanya tuhan yang tahu songs..old time favourite ok...zaman sekolah menengah or rendah i guess so...then, i met my diploma friends, uun, montel, azy, ina, adt, hanis, and others..so happy that i can met them...rinduuu ok..

after hugging each others, me, kinah and fatin bought wafi ice-cream..nyummy..all of sudden, when we reached home, arghhhhhhh..someone told "happy birthday fafa"..oh nooooo...i can't save myself anymore and taaaadaaaa..i had been pranked...haha tepungggg...my faces is full with tepung!!...thank you salmi the mastermind..love youu!! lol...that was the best birthday ever i never had before..for the first time ok..althousgh we were so exhausted..we still can talking and gossipping in the middle of the night...pillow talk!!..sesi meluahkan perasaan..

23th october 2011, it was my last day at puncak perdana..i felt very sad to leave puncak..but i need to go back to segamat...bye puncak and heyy segamat..if i can stay there, i would love to.........ok enough...last but not least..i would like to say thank you very much to my puncak friends...especially salmi,kinah,yana, wan, setimah, fatin and otherss...i love you guys so much..thank you for taking a good care of me while i'm staying there..it was very fun  and enjoy trip ever...really appreciate for each moments that we spent our time together...and thank you once again for the birthday presents and willing to celebrate my birthday..i'm so speechless..akhir kata..me LOVE YOU ALL OK!!..muahhhh...miss u guys already!!..3 days 2 night at puncak very the awesome...


  1. hye kak fafa!...hepy belated birthday!!..sori sik ingat bday tak kak..ehe...untung tak dpt bnyk hadiah..tanda org syg an ktk..hehe

    kak, mek ada tag ktk...sudi2 jenguk page mek awh :):


  2. hye dayang!!!..thank youuuu dayang..sorryy lamak mek x update blog tek..hehe..rindu kk dyg ayihh..lamak x dgr cerita dr ktk bah..wow...

    oh okk..klak mek polah k..hehe..
    misss u so much dayang!!...