Saturday, September 24, 2011

meluahkan perasaan!!

assalamualaikum semua...first of all, i'm currently studying at uitm segamat now...whatt thee??...shut up...actually it was my second sem already and i'm part 4 degree...hellooo...i miss my blog so so's been a while since i last update my blog...i think the previous entry was last month rite?..yeayy absolutely rite...before raya i guess so...oh hye selamat hari raya aidilfitri...haha..talking about hari raya...i got a lot of duit raya from my family and relatives and friends also..woooo..happy...ok ok about today topic..ermm i don't have any idea..but i have thousand stories to tell u guys..oh what ?? did i mentioned thousand?..oh i'm kidding..of course lah not....

me feel want to write something..that's why i have feeling to blogging now...eventhough i dont have any idea to write..since this semester i have 2 essay, thats why i need to practices myself to write something..well what happen to the blog website?? is a new one rite..samee like FB..oh i hate the new's getting complicated and boring like hell..i'm lucky because i have, twitter is my BFF now..i dont have any close friends friend is very very far far away..i feel very lonely...and everything alone...

i'm more independent..everyday i will feel like nothing..homesick ok...boring..i want to go home..i miss my mum..i lost appetite since the first day i came here..i'm getting skinny..goshhhh!! weight is only 45kg..perhaps around this two weeks i have lost 1 kg or 2 kg..or maybe can call me skinny or skeleton or whatever la as long as i'm not sick..and always in healthy...oh well..i want to say goodbye and goodnight..if i have time..i will update my blog ok..insyaallah..

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