Friday, July 15, 2011

awesome holiday!!

assalamualaikum and very very good morning to all people around the world...OMG!! it's 9.45 a.m..too early to be awake..its been a while since i last updated my blog around two weeks ago..oh oh..ok actually this morning i just want to visit my blog..then, all of sudden i have mood and i feel i want to update here i come..the topic is about holiday...i just love my holiday...i love 4 months holiday..the reason i love it because we dont have to think much..just rilex and chill at home..u can sleep, online 24 facebook and twitters really active...but sometimes i dont FB-ing..i'm more to twitter-ing..kinda addicted now..

2 months left...then, my new semester will begin..grrrrrr...after raya..i'm going back to the places that i dont want to goo...besides that, my brain so empty..i can't remember what i had studied during my previous semester..seriously, i forgot almost everything...and i didn't bring any books about my course..everything just left in KL..huhu...oh ya fyi, i do have want to know what my job is??..jeng jeng..driver..haha..that is my part time job..not really part time laaa..just helping my mum..i got upah sometimes..weee..

my mum going to KL this evening...she will be coming back on the 19th july..only me n my lil bro at home..mum please dont leave us..sob sob, i'm going to be bosss again and again and again...i'm the one who will take a good care of everything such as house, cars, my lil bro and the list goes on...i'm the responsible person now..sebagai seorang lil bro should be obidient and must listen to me...harharhar...heyy i'm hungry stomach is singing like lady gaga..awesome!!..i think i'm gonna take some food..grab of bite with snickers maybe..around 11.45 i'm going to fetch my lil bro from school...seeeee...i'm a driver now..huhu...oh ya i'm done with my puasa ganti and nazar..alhamdulillah..15 days remain till ramadhan guys..waaaa can't wait for ramadhan..yeah puasaa...after that raya..ok ok..i think enough laa for today want to eat..nyum nyum..chow...adios amigos..bye-bye..


  1. alamak...60 comment per hour... xbest lah blog ni... :(

  2. haha..nama lagi skype