Thursday, June 30, 2011

life unexpected!!

sometimes we can't expect what will be happen to us..we can't control the things that happen to us...we can't see when it's coming and we dont understand why it happened to us...anything happens for a reason..some people happy...some people might angry or depressed about the unxpected things happen in their my situation, there are so many things that happen unexpectedly...ish ish ish..with the all unexpected things that happened to me...i just accept it as much as i can...because there is nothing i can do about it...i dont know how to settle it..gahhhh..a few weeks ago, i received an official letter from orang yang pangkat quite shocked and opened the letter quickly...dup dap dup dap...a few minutes later, the letter has been thrown somewhere....rubbishh bin was the good place for you..

wooooooo..damn damn continue listening music without saying anything..then my mum asked the result about the application things?? said..i have being rejected!!! PP don't want me....kecewa, sedih grrrrrrrr sampai hati mcmlah tempat kau kacak gilak!! mum was very angry and she said..why?...she called admin about that and the admin said i'm sorry, because the rules have been is truly unfair!! unfair.unfair unfair.!!!.blablablabla..thank you to orang berambut pelik dan sangat pelik!!..bdw, my mind always tell me to give up but my hearts won't let me to do so..someone said to me.. you not a weak a strong person..insyaallah that can make things to be ok..just be strong and stay the way you are..OMG!! bruno mars, i just love my holiday...and i don't want to go back there again..pleaseee...give me some awesome things in my life..ok i want to smile..ngeeeee..:)


  1. And you will be smiling... Keep you head up.. Stay strong ya.. ^^ ~

  2. thank you fitrii..gege..orite..insyaallah ok..:)