Monday, August 8, 2011

happy ramadhan!!

Blog!!! i miss you ok..sorry it's been a long time i didn't update it.huhu i don't have any feeling to blogging actually..but someone ask me to update so here i come..hehe...ok ok..hye how are you?..i'm just doing is 8th day of ramadhan..adakah kamu berpuasa?..yesss..of course..ok talking about puasa...i do really miss my geng animal..i miss to berbuka with you all guys..this year i feel very awkward a little bit..yelah because kan 3 tahun dah berpuasa dkt hostel dan only weekends baru balik rumah...sangat kesian...

this year...berpuasa sepenuh nya di's ok lah..berpuasa di rumah lagi best..doesn't have much challenging for just help my i can saving money from that i can buy iphone or blackberry...awww..too much demand...imagine, that i try to ask my dad.."abah i want iphone please?"..then abah said..."heh beli sendiri..hp lamak lagi ok"..ok dah agak dah..i already know your answer la abah...that's why i dont want to ask you that question..same goes to my's ok i don't long as my parents give me $$$$..yeay!!..

bdw, i'm not really in the good mood...but entahlah..i dont know why...that problem really irritating me..i have one unsolved keeps me waiting and waiting everyday..ya Allah please help and give me some strength how to overcome this problem..huhu..actually i don't want to think about that..i don't want it to be complicated..i hope it's gonna be ok..pleaseeee i'm begging not reject me again this time..haih think positive!!..insyaallah ok...tic toc tic toc..time is already 4.30 p.m..2 and the half hours left...oh friend said.."untunglah sapa tinggal di sarawak sebab dapat berbuka puasa awal"..yeah, sabah and sarawak time for berbuka puasa was earlier than semenanjung, untunglah kan...that's why i love sarawak!! haha...just kidding..alright enough for today..later, i update lagi...bye-bye....*kamek lapar eyh..dugaaan*..


  1. kitak ada problem, fafa?

    problem apa?

    *suk lh nya. dpt sungkey awal. ehehe ^_^ v