Saturday, March 5, 2011


oh my god!!..i haven't been blogging since ever..and i miss so damn much my blog...bloggg i miss miss me??...of course yes is saturday..and the 10th week of classes...i've been here around 3 months already..i'm so wow!!..time running very fast..segamat very segar lah amat!! degree classmates very group is very little and small family because only 15 students including me and so far i can adapt myself here..i miss my home..i miss KUCHING...feels want to go back to kuching...but forget about many things to do here..assignments, presentations, tests, quiz and have activities..arrghhhhhh homesick i know how they feel for not going back home in long periods...i mean before this i always balik umah every thursday mum was the one who will fetched me up from home to uitm samarahan...i miss u you mum!!..rindu mak mok ambik mek balit gik...huhuhu..ok please dont cry!!..

orait as you know that i'm a degree student now..serius degree level is very tough...i'm so scared...grrrrr...i cant wait for my convocation day..oh may please be fast..cant wait to wear baju konvo, topi konvo, have a diploma certificate..and want to meet my diploma classmates again...ISD6U1 group..miss you all so week gonna be more tough week because have 1 test..which is IMR451...submit CTU 553 assignment..awesome!..and the next, after next week..have 2 tests..there will be on 14 and 18 March..on 15 March my family is going to KL..and i already makes a plan to meet them on the 17 March..feel like very i need to change plan..maybe i'll go to KL on 18 March night after test...argggg tidak suka!!..i think i'll try to discuss with puan siti to change the dates..pleaseeee!!...i hopes puan siti will consider the situation.. fyi, i hate when plan, and it get F word la...usihhh...rilek sudah...insyaAllah things will be ok...think positive..ok very hungry now!!..i want mcd mcd mcd...

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