Friday, February 18, 2011

kecik hati ok

what is wrong with you actually??..i dont understand..and i felt very upset until now..why you are so emotional??..atleast u asked me how's everything here..that's all..i dont expect much... i got a lot of story to tell you..and very very excited to go back, u makes me sad and cried..i know that u are clever, got a brain or smarter than me..but please la dont do this to me..i know that i'm not a good strong enough for you..i'm just wondering what is on your mind ah????..hmmmm..only god knows...after this, i dont want to know anything about you..eventhough you are one of my are totally changed a lot...i love you bdw and i want the old you back...huhuhu...i miss my friends a lot..salmon, rabbit, dolphin, penguin, ninja turtle, jaws, duyung, pirahna, buntal, miraa, iraa..aaaaaaa..okeyh...that's all...thank you!!...


  1. deng, pahal tk?

    mek asa mek tauk sapa..

    saba k?

    mekorg sntiasa di sisi ktk

    be strong ok?

    p/s: i love you ;D

  2. thanx 4 being concern..klak mek pdh ok...

  3. thanx 4 being concern..klak mek pdh ok...