Saturday, December 4, 2010

sekolah menengah life!

about high school:
yeahh i miss my high school life!!..i wish that i could turn back is the list things that i do and don't miss about high school..

things that i do miss:
a) my best n good friends..
b) my 5A2 classmates..
c) the school teachers especially cikgu elisza..
d) attending the school events..oh yeah!!
e) get excited when our school held a food n fun fair in school area
f) went to st.jude kindergarten and lepakking there after school..
g) gossip-ing, mengumpat, talking some nonsense story and laughing all the time..
h) so into about football during that time...philipp lahm was my first crush! awww..
i) study together and teaching each other...
j) i miss doing homework every night!
k) school bag, shoes and uniform..
l) talking about boys haha
m) being in a teenager life..

things that i don't miss:
a) school exams!!..grrrrr..
b) SPM and PMR examinations..
c) early morning to school..zzzzz i feel sleepy everyday
d) i'm not really good in sejarah and math subject!!..
e) taekwando club and school co-curriculum..

overall you can see here that i really do miss a lot of things about school..if i were given a second chance and can turn back the time to being there again, i want to study very hard..maybe i can get more better and good result for my SPM examinations...oh please..i don't want to sit it again..hell no!!.cukuplah sekali..haha say bye to SPM!!..i'm so thankful, alhamdulillah for what i've done..after 2 months result SPM out, i got accepted into UiTM kota samarahan, sarawak yeay! i was happy but still then..i'm so damn RINDU my high school much..oh my!! "once teresian, always be a teresian"..class of 2002- 2006..


  1. true!! once u a teresian, u'll always be a teresians..

  2. yeah u r rite wina..hehe..once a teresian, always be a teresians!!