Tuesday, November 30, 2010

hye sling bag

i'am extremely thankful for every things that i have!!!..i love all my things..i love my handphone, my buffalo external hardisk, laptop, streamyx, wallet, money, my atm card, my bau, my clothes, my bags, my shoes, my driving license and the list goes on..too many to list down..oh oh oh..i also love my mp3..eventhough my mp3 was already broken, it's still can be considered as my lovely things..all of this things really important for me...i can't live without them..if not, i will die!!...haha just kidding..last saturday, i have new stuff...i bought new sling bag..oh yeah!!..i like that bag so much..the sling bag quiet expensive but it is seems doesn't matter for me to buy that bag cause i got money..i will buy it with my own money..before that, i asked my mum first..
ME: mak, boleh sik mek beli bag baru??.
MUM: bag apa?
ME: sling bag..
MUM: oh ok beli lah..klak mak berik duit..
ME: yesss...yessss...
then, the next day me, mum and my lil bro went to the spring..having dinner there at sugarbun..after dinner, i bought the sling bag...yeay!!..and you know what..i'm so lucky that day..because that sling bag was the last one..the salesgirl said "no stock..this is the last one"..tsk tsk tsk..OMG!! see my instinct was right that i must buy the sling bag cepat..fuhhh thank god..i managed to have the sling bag with exact time..weeeee...so, hello sling bag!! i love you and i will take a good care of you..


  1. hahaha...tauk ada tyk mak dolok! ney beg ya? amiklah pic. i wanna see it!

  2. aieh mstlah...ada beg..klak lah mek ngeso ngan kaknyah...heeh suprise la!!