Saturday, November 27, 2010


i cannot sleep!!..tension bongok..why so stupid??..i really want to please please please..i'm going to be crazy if i dont get enough sleep..dahlah orang pening sikit tok!!...oh thank god, my headache getting better after i taking panadol..the panadol worked..that's why i love panadol very much fuhhhh...but still..i really really want to sleep...sleep makes me feel more better...i wish that i have some pills to makes me feel sleepy..oh's already 2 a.m..well hello saturday!.i slept late last night and woke up around 12 something..actually, i always slept late..almost everyday..for me it was ok because i'm not sick just like, i'm so stress..i'm sleepy and sangat lah stupid because i can't sleep...i dont know what is the best solution to solve this problem?? ermm i dont know, i dont have any idea..huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...perhaps, i should go and off to bed..good night everyone..eyh opsss already morning..ok2 so good morning!!

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