Saturday, November 6, 2010

IMD 353 and IMD 352

i have done 3 papers exam and only 2 papers left..all the 3 papers that i've been through so far not so good..very hard, quiet tough and only certain easy to answer...but i really hopes that i will pass all of it...insyaaallah, amin!!...because i already did my week, i'm gonna sit another 2 on 9th, tuesday and the last paper is on 14th, sunday..i just finished study all chapter..and i think my brain cant take it anymore..i need a rest for a while...too much information,information overload dah..oh yeah, next week is gonna be my last week stay at the same time..i feel sad and happy...i dont know why??..maybe this is my final sem for diploma and i'm going to leave uitm samarahan soon..i will miss the environment there..

besides, i also will miss my hostel room sosososososo much!!..imagine u all, i stay in that room from i freshie, part 1 until part was so long as my second home.....if i can stay..i want to stay...haha disebabkan me already final sem..habis sudah..actually bukan nak mintak nak stay there, but just sayang ok..i love uitm samarahan very much!! in fact, if lah course degree ada dkat sia...nang i mok stay jak's ok it's alright..perhaps i should try to study far away from home...i want to learn new around the world..eyh stop stop ok enough!!..later i will think about that..right now i must focus on diploma first..exam gik belom abis...still have 2 papers more to go...i can do it!! not tension and be happy always..yeay!!..good luck to all my classmates ISD6U1 for the upcoming exam..go part 6!!..:)

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