Sunday, October 24, 2010

world war 6

Assalamualaikum, i just want to tell you exam is just around the corner and revision week is finish first paper will be start on the 28th October until 14th November 2010..every semester, my last paper is always on the last day of final exam hoho tutup gate, i want to wish to all UiTM student and also especially to my classmates,ISD6U1..good luck and all the best for final exam...since this is our final semester, lets we fight together..all the best!!.......

semester 6 final exam schedule:
28th October 2010- IMD 354
31st October 2010- ENT 300/ETR 300
3th November 2010- IMD351
9th November 2010- IMD353
13th November 2010- MUET Test
14th November 2010- IMD352

-good luck once again to all and me too.-

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