Saturday, October 23, 2010

i'm officially 21!!

hye, i was born on 21 october 1989...i recently turned 21 last thursday..alhamdulillah..well..i'm so happy and glad that i'm still the same old me..yippii...first of all, i want to say thanx to all especially my family and my friends...thank you very much for the wish...although i didn't get any cakes from anyone for this year birthday but i dont care actually. least they cared to wish and remember my birthday and to my dearest roomates thanx coz willing to spend half day for me and for the present too, i like it..thank you rocks my day!!..i really enjoyed that day and it was so fun we played bowling for the first time...awesome huh..i'm gonna miss u all a lot...oh yeah, also special thanx to all my facebook friends and my bestest friend..i love all ur wishes..muahmuah!!..sorry ya for the late reply because my streamyx was so suck lately and thank god today is already ok..i hopes it will maintain forever..i cant wait for tonight..cause tonight i'm going to celebrate my birthday with my mum n my lil bro at MCD!! dad,my big bro is not around and my big sis is bz with her works..quite upset but it's ok later we celebrate together ok..mmmmm think, there is nothing much story that i want to share bout my thats conclude, thank you once again all!!...i love you all so much....

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