Wednesday, October 20, 2010

wink wink wink

well hello everyone and good evening to all my beloved readers...haha...i just want to say that tomorrow i'm going to be 21 years old...wink wink wink...eyh wait did i mention 21??..OMG!! is 21...i'm getting older and older every year and still immature..i dont want to be old..i want to be young..young forever..nope..just kidding ok...since tomorrow is my birthday, maybe i want to change especially my attitude or behavior..i'm not really a good person and sometimes i have done a big mistakes for my entire life..and that big mistakes i would not to repeat it again..never ever!!..i promise i will not do the same thing again..i'll keep my word..besides,some people still think that i'm under age and they dont believe that me is almost 21..when they ask about my age..i said i'm 21..they all will laugh and would say some word that i dont want to hear..then, they all think that i'm still budak sekolah like form 4 or 5..haha i'm so happy because me look younger mum said that i'm not matured at all and acting like a kid sometimes...childish la..gosh i hate those words...huarghhhh think want to cry..ok2..i think thats all..i hope the best for tomorrow..21 october 2010..yippiiiiiiii...lastly, i hope i can fullfill my wish yeah...


  1. yihhaaaaa....kak fafa...hepi bufday to you...since i'm the 1st human being who comment you on this post i wish you a very heppy yippi moment all the year...hehe moga murah rezeki slalu yee....btw, 22 oct is my nephew's name mika bufday...hehe ada jak sama prange tak duak..kuikui take care..c ya!~

  2. yeehaaaa...yeayy thank you very much dayanggg!!..i really appreciate that..muah2..menakah??.waahh pdh ngan nya happy birthday mika!!..hehe..sama perangey mek ngan nya best2...u take care too k..c youu later..