Monday, November 15, 2010

bye-bye bestest friend!!

well hello everyone...long time no update..i have tons of story to tell you but maybe i will tell the story only half of it..firstly, final exam is over!!..yeay but my last paper was not ok..i really really hates that paper...huhu think want to cry cause i can't answer that paper very well...very difficult and dissapointed about the questions..from 5 essay, i just can answer 1 only..what?? bout the rest??..i dont know..saya hantam banyak oh!!...huhu..oh mdm!! please please help mum said.."insyallah, u will pass"..i'm not really confident about that..ok aleeya..u..get over it for a while..think about holiday..yeay! ok i love holiday..second story is about is my first day of went to uitm for clearance part 6 and fetch my friend there..then, me n him hang out together for the last usually, we took lunch at family cafe..he likes to go there because his fav food is nasi goreng cornbeef and teh c peng special..we chit chat, talking almost 2 hours..after lunch, i brought him to my house..since, today is his last day in i brought him..that was the first time he went to my house..hehe...

at 3 n him went to pustaka..we walking and sitting under the tree..very beautiful scenery..i like!!..oh yeah fyi!!, he is very talented and he know how to play flute, pipe, piano and guitar very well..i like the way he play the flute in front of me and he ask me, anything request of song that u want me to play for you..haha yeah awesome...i said YES..a lot..happy oh..after that, we went back and heading to BDC..he have relatives i sent him at his uncle house..his uncle family was so kind and treated nice to me..his uncle family invited me to their house..very nice house and his uncle kids also very kind like their parents as well..after he settled down with his,him and his uncle kids chit chat while watching tv and playing piano..hehe...around 6, me went back and said goodbye to his uncle kids and special goodbye for him...i'm gonna miss him so so so much..i hate goodbye things..see you again fer!!bye-bye..lastly, i'm so happy today!!! weeeeeeeeeeee...

*love?? definitely, maybe* love this quote..

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