Sunday, September 5, 2010


Day: Sunday
Month: 26th day of Ramadhan..
Mood: i'm not in the good mood..stomachache..grrrr!!!..
i cant sit properly...goshhh it is really painful!!.only 4 days left to raya..dan hari ini terpaksa pecah puasa..disebabkan tet tut tat tot..u know the reason why rite?? no need me to tell it...sayang lahhh...tidak dapat berpuasa lagi di bulan Ramadhan...sedih gilerrr!!..huwaaaa...apa boleh buat?..there is nothing i can supposed to do assignment rite now but not in the appropriate time..lazy mode and makes me feel sleepy..hey i dont want to be lazy..and i'm so scared..dhlah final sem..after raya klak..confirm byk kerja...byk assignment and presentation oh tidakkkkkk..mampuslah kau wahai aleeya jo..tension tahan gaban..aku tidak mahu jd begini!!!..

oh yeah another one more is my parents wedding anniversary day...Happy 29th Wedding Anniversary mom and dad!!..i love u both so so so much..thank you for being a good parents to me and of course lah also to abg, kaknyah and my lil brother...lots a love from ur lil daughter..hehe..muahhhhhhh!!!..* selamat hari raya aidilfitri in advanced*


  1. jangan gastrik jak udah pusuk....sakit wooo...huhuhu...

  2. haha..insyaallah sik gastrik kmk..hehe