Saturday, September 4, 2010

new fav artist

oh Maher zain!!...i'm addicted to his songs recently..the best islamic song i have ever heard..i like all his song..all your songs are inspiring and meaningful for me as a muslim..when i listen to his songs, it keep my feelings peaceful and calm..i have downloaded his album, Thank You Allah...Maher Zain so handsome and his face makes me cair lah..i just know him after i watched his inshaallah videoclip..that video really really really impressed, touches my heart..tersentuh jiwa dan raga..besides, Maher Zain got beautiful voices..keep it up Maher're the best..i hope i can meet you someday and hear upcoming album of yours..

happy 25th day of ramadhan to all muslims!!..5 days left...raya raya..assignment assignment juak..oh hell yeah!! haha..


  1. mek pun ska lagu2 nya...sora nang kacak..muka gik??mun nya single, mok juak mek pinang..teehee

  2. suma nya kacak I..hehe...eyh2 nya dh kawen kah?? tidakk..ehehe