Monday, June 14, 2010

Lagenda Budak Setan!!!

i went out to see the movie today with my sister..just two of us..thank you sister for bringing me out and bought the ticket for me..we watched Lagenda Budak Setan..i like this was awesome and great..fantastic touching movie..i'm so touching and very sad..makes me want to cry...but in fact i'm not cry ok..almost want to cry..;p i like lisa surihani and farid kamil in this movie..such a good couple..farid kamil, handsome!!..lisa surihani, so so so pretty and ayu!!..well, i think you guys should watch this movie is worth..i gives two thumbs up for this movie..

it is very good malay movies i've seen before..good story and good acting..i love all the actors and actress in this movie..this movie based on the book actually...i read the book..but it's long time ago and i didn't remember how the story was..i only just remember a few part of the story..ingat-ingat lupak..besides, the soundtrack of this movie gave me a touch of sentimentalism as know some emotional thingy..i really want to hear that song again..but it is quite hard for me to donwload it..huhu...could someone find for me please??..ermm nevermind..i will find it by myself..oh man!!'s already 2.30's football times..i want to watch Germany beat Australia...i will support my to go...bye-bye..


  1. nama lagu ya bila cinta. anyway, nang cta ya best, tp, lawak bla lisa pronounce words..pelat r...hahaha

  2. Bila Cinta?..orait tq..ktk da lagu ya kah...susah mok crk eyh..hehe..aok eyh..mek suka tgk lisa dlm cita ya..kacakk jak nya..