Monday, June 21, 2010

World Cup past champions history

Started with the year of 1930...and has been held every four years..this year world cup,2010 South Africa was chosen as host country..waka waka..

1930: Uruguay vs Argentina..and the winner goes to Uruguay with 4 goals..(4-2)..
1934: Italys vs Czechoslovakia..2-1..Italy the champions..
1938: Italy (4) vs Hungary (2).. Italy champions for the 2nd time..
1942-1946..there was no FIFA world cup due to World War 2..after 12 years, FIFA world cup began again on the year of 1950 which is held in Brazil..Brazil was chosen as host country by FIFA in July 1946..
1950: Uruguay (2) vs Brazil (1)..Brazil lost and Uruguay won..
1954: West Germany (3) vs Hungary (2)..and the winner was West Germany..
1958: Brazil against Sweden..Brazil the champions..
1962: Brazil vs Czechoslovakia…Brazil won 3 againts Czech..
1966: England vs West Germany..England won after beating West Germany 4-2 in final..
1970: Brazil vs Italy..Brazil 4 and Italy 1...Brazil was the champions..
1974: West Germany vs Netherlands…West Germany the chammpions..
1978: Argentina vs Netherlands..Netherlands lost againts Argentina..
1982: Italy vs West Germany..Italy champions for 3rd times..Italy 3 and West Germany 1…
1986: Argentina with West Germany..West Germany lost again..Argentina champions
1990: West Germany beat Argentina…finally, West Germany won after 2 times had lost in final since 1982-1986…
1994: Brazil vs Italy..Brazil won 3-2 with penalty kicks against Italy..
1998: France beat Brazil..France won for the first time with 3-0..
2002: Brazil beat Germany..Brazil the champions for the 5th times..Brazil 2 and Germany 0..
2006: France beat Italy..Italy won..but penalty kicks..Italy 2 and France 1..
2010:..??????..don’t know yet…just wait and see!!…am hoping that Germany can make through to final..haha..go GERMANY go!! game Germany will meet Ghana...please dont lose again..philipp lahm i know you can do it..u got a skill and i like the way how you play the game..oh yeah..i'm now active in, if you have tumblr..come visit my tumblr and be my follower..for sure, i will follow u back...

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