Monday, May 3, 2010

when a stranger call me..

last night..i got a text message from some strange number..the number is just said "hello"..i replied.."who is this"..then, a few minutes later...that stranger call, i just picked up the phone without no doubt..

0193023020: hello,
0193023020: you know me?
me:..nope..who r you??..
0193023020:..u want me to introduce myself?
me:..of coz...
0193023020:..hye my name is 302..three or two
me:..huh what??..302?? weird name...
0193023020: haha tq..i will accept it as a compliment..
0193023020: now what??
me:..i'm blur..why u call me actually
0193023020: okeyh actually i call you because i have many reasons to tell you..
me:..tell me bout what?
0193023020: tell u bout myself..
me:..huh?...sorry...please repeat again..why would you tell me about urself..i even dont know you n anything about you...
0193023020: ok2...

after that, the situation turn out to be silent mode...

me: hellooooooooooooooooooo...r u there?
0193023020: helooo..i'm still here...
me:...oh yeah..then,talk lahh..
0193023020: u want me to talk??
me:...eyhh heloo...stupid question..of coz lah..if you dont wan to talk..just hang up the that ur credit tidak mengalami pembaziran siyh..
0193023020: i thought u dont want me to talk to u..
0193023020: ok...the 1st reason is i want u to recognize my number??..2nd..since do u have paper this sunday..i want you to study that paper early..dont study last minute... 3rd..please dont be lazy ok...4th..understanding meanings first then u keep reading, reading again and again..when u had really understand it..maybe u can try to memorize them...5th..lastly,gud luck ok..for this paper which is me this sunday...
me:..(blur mode)...eyh waitttt...who r you??actually...heloooo...
0193023020: zzzzzzzz...please be focus of anything i just said to you...
me:..what??...pleaseee....i need to know you..and you just said...gud luck for this paper which is "me"..what is that supposed to be mean??...
0193023020:..tut tut tut... i crazy?..noooooooo

ok readers...try to imagine this situation...actually, the strangers is IMD302 paper which is the paper that i will sit this sunday...OMG!!..that paper can talk and can call
ok..this is only my imagination...not real ok...just for fun..


  1. I LIKE UR POST B! Creative!
    Heran juak i tek, terang2 gik ya ngkah no. hp sia nang sikda kaber gik mok nganok stranger. Sekpat ku bayang setiap orang yang baca post u ya try mok calling2 stranger ya juak. Haha

  2. haha...
    thank you B!!...
    hehe alaa ya eksen jak ya bah..x perlu mok kaber2.haha kmk sm juak..mun ada org mok try calling stranger ya...nasiblah kt org ya munlah number ya mena2 wujud tek..haha..

  3. lucu eyh..! hahaha..tapi, agak creepy jwak mula2 ya..haha..

  4. hehee...
    yalah mula2 nang agak creepy lah..pasya dh ujung2 bok tauk cita..hehe

  5. hahahaha..
    pa gk!!
    blaja gk nun..
    lak ada gk nya cal ktk klak..

  6. hahaha..ngek eh~! tp sgt kreatif! i like~;)

  7. ..haha ok2..tgh study bah...mun lah nya call gik..besttt...hehe

  8. kaknyah..haha...thank youuuu 4 da likes...hehe...bygkan lah mun benar2 paper ya call kaknyah..hehe