Sunday, May 9, 2010

oh 302..

i'm so sorry because i can't answer it very well..the paper looks ok but it is not as easy as i thought..haiyaaa...all the question is really makes me is very hard for me, compared to my previous exam..oh i'm so scareddddd...really really scared...i wish that the stranger is really that he/she can call me..and i can tell him/her about the really hard the paper is..goshhhh...some of the questions i already found the answer..and i think i had lost almost 20 marks for part B...what the F!!..because of my careless mistakes..i had lost 5 marks just for that easy questions..confidenttt jak jawab...ingt betul tek...frustttttt...stupid stupid...and for the part c questions...i'm so dead..oh miss!! i'm depending on you...i've tried to do my best..i really hopes everthing will be ok...insyaallah...amin!!..

*Happy Holiday to all UiTM students*..see you again next semester..

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