Saturday, May 15, 2010

happy teachers day!!

i just want to wish Happy Teachers Day to all teachers in Malaysia and also especially thanx to all my teachers who had taught me from kindergarten to secondary school...thank you very much cikgu!!..i really really miss u cikgu...i miss my cikgu BM, BI, Sejarah, Agama, Mt, Science, Akaun ,Perdagangan, Ekonomi Sains and all cikgu at SMB St.Teresa school..i was school here since 2002-2006..and sekolah rendah ku..sekolah Merpati Jepang...and not to forget also my tuition teacher..cikgu PKMS tusyen, cikgu bi, cikgu akaun, cikgu math, cikgu science (form 1,2,3)..sorry i dont remember ur name cikgu, but i still can recognize ur face when i meet u someday..hehe..ouchh now i dont know how much that i really2 miss my school day...i miss my school friend, my desk, my 5A2 classmates, miss to go to co-co every saturday and miss to wear school uniform..kasut sekolah,beg sekolah and name tag haha..rindu gilak2...last but not least, thanx once again cikgu!!..i really appreaciate all the things that cikgu have done to me and hopes someday we will meet again cikgu..insyaallah..semoga cikgu panjang umur and murah rezeki..

*..amare et servire..*

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