Sunday, May 2, 2010


omg omg..oh my god!!..
i'm so lazy to update my blog nowadays..i dont know why..maybe lack of idea or what..i've been sitting for my final exam since 21st april 2010..3 paper done and i have 1 more paper to go..which is paper IMD302...i will try my best to study this paper very hard..although the gap between this paper with the previous paper is very longggggg...i mean sooo longgg..11 days ya is doesn't mean that paper is very easy to score...hmmmm...yeah,yesterday i went to a movies with my sister and her bf, her bf friend and bf lil sis and my lil bro too...we watched iron man 2...i give 5 star for that movie..yeahh great movie..i think i'm in love with the iron man because i just love it and for sure i'm gonna watch that movie againnn...lastly, that movie is no longer as suck n boring movie...i will change it into best movie...haha...ok for ISD5U1 good luck for last paper k!!...

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