Friday, December 4, 2009

piano: a dream unfullfilled

after watching that video from youtube.. i always wanted to play's seem very interesting for me..but playing piano need to spend a lot of parents's very expensive to learn playing piano..meaning that everytime we attend to piano class..we have to paid it per month...of course right..just like tuition class..besides that, to buy a piano is very very expensive also...around thousand i guess so..unless if we buy the toys one, that is we can get around RM10-20..haha...for what we buy the toys one..bagus beli yang little cousin know how to play piano..he is very lucky because his parents send him every music cousin is only 6 years, he had learned so many classes...such as swimming class,mandarin class, mengaji and english class...i was like wow!!...and jealous a lil need to be jealous ok...that video i saw makes me amaze..peeps often said that if you want to be a great pianist you have to learn to play piano from your early childhood but in my opinion, it is never too late...


  1. yeah i like to play piano too.. tapi xikot code lah..ahaha

  2. yalah tek..
    mek nang ingin lah nak main piano..pas tgk video ya..lalu teringin..haha...dhlah cousin mek main...