Tuesday, December 1, 2009

luar susah disk buffalo 1

hey helloo walllaa...
today, i want to "show off or ngeso" a lil bit about my beloved external hardisk...
ok..since it was holiday semester..i have so many movies,songs,video clips and what so ever to download..i really really loves it..about my external hardisk..i bought it last 6 months at midvalley megamall..the prices was very expensive..ermm almost RM300.00 i spent for it..i guess so..it's ok..i think it is very worth and useful to me...that external hardisk have 320GB and the brand is buffalo...320GB is soooooosoo big enough for me to keep a hundred of songs,movies and others thingy..yipppiii...then, i really need to take a good care of it coz if someting happen to it, automatically, i will lose it all...noooooooo..

taadaaaa...this is my external hardisk look likes...it's seem pretty nice ryte??..hehe..
to be continue...


  1. not hundred of songs.. she has THOUSAND of songs..haha

  2. haha...
    yeahhh..but not for movies..movies only can keep around hundred only..

  3. xda2.. Xsama ya. Hundred ngn thousand lain~

  4. B..aokkk x sama bah...haaha

    proffy oh really..same ar..;p