Sunday, December 6, 2009

back to 90's boy band

Back to 90's..oh yeah i love oldies is remind me of my childhood times..really really loves it...i was born on the year of 1989..i'm late 80's..when i was child, there was a lot of boy bands..such as backstreet boys, nsync, westlife,boyzone, new kids on the block,A1,911,98 degrees, five, blue, hanson, bb mak, savage garden, MLTR, all 4 one, boys 2 men, plus one,point break and many more...there's a lot but i don't remember it all..i was grew up with listening to these some kind of music..nowadays, some boy bands is back again..for example like bsb..bsb was launched their new albums..i dont know what the name of their new album but i do know the single hit list..i miss them so much...i miss the jiwang2 songs...haha..but now there was changing a more boy bands dah..more to music yang canggih2, chewah!!..i do like these kind of stuffs...and i'm universal...haha..i'm listening to all genre of music ok..

this is one of my boy bands collections that i have...cassette...haha..."orang dah x guna kaset gik dah..zaman sekarang suma orang main donwload jak from internet..dunia semakin canggih ok"..haha..ok i know...such a lame for, bukan senang nak dapat kaset2 gik dah..oh yeah guys, kat kedai masih ada jual kaset kah??..

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