Sunday, December 20, 2009

bye bye two thousand nine

11 days left from now on so, goodbye 2009 and hello 2010..i'm going to miss 2009 a lot..but in Muslims was already new year for the Muslims..1431 hijrah...happy awal muharram to all Muslims..there were a lot of reminiscence of good moments in my life..every good moments that i have, spent i really2 miss it so much...a lot of changes in my life on the year 2009 and i hope next year will bring me much better life and the best year i ever had...

2009: the best things in my life
1) i had improved my driving lesson
2) celebrated my birthday although this year i didn't get any cake..haha i dont care actually..
3) have learned something new
4) met someone that i really like
5) met new friend
6) had a many times date with someone..gosh!!
7) a lot of new stuff i bought
8) i'm 20th already but still immatured and mostly peep said that i'm still childish..
9) i have donwloaded almost hundred movies in 6 months..
10) went to the spring mall and spent almost 8 hours...
11) laughed a lot..
12) i made a terrible confessions to him...
13) lastly, alhamdulillah cause i never ever making any trouble or doing something really stupid that can involved others people...

the worse things in my life
1) i had lost RM50
2) lied to someone..sorry guys...i need to..
3) failed one paper and i got gred E..what the hell is that??..
4) had a worst result in my life
5) met "palat" friend..
6) hates presentation..
7) three times my slipper putus time berjalan..
8) always sleepy and sometimes very lazy especially during class...
9) forgot something that really important to me..
10) i'm the spoiler and sometimes i always be the loser..i'm coward too..
11) i'm not really good in social life or how to communicate with someone especially in meeting new people..
12) i'm using retainer and i dont like it..i rather use braces..oh please stop complaining if u want to makes ur teeth perfect..haha..

i think thats all that i had been through for the whole year..can't wait for year i will try to reach or achieve a goal..hope the best for me and makes the dream that unfullfilled will be come true..insyaallah...Happy New Year in advanced...


  1. phl ilang RM50? sikpat claim dr mak ka? maok kaknyah ganti sik??

  2. kaknyah bkn ya lah..
    tok duit RM50 mek x sedar dh hilang...x tauk cney mek engkah..hehe...

  3. owh2...careless juak?? kaya dh ka? hihi..

  4. hehe...
    neydaa kaya kmk...
    xlah mls nak pikir gik hal ya..
    byk gik mok dipikir..hehe...