Saturday, January 2, 2010

semester 5ive

starting from this monday..

there will life new chapter new topic new subject new semester and new me..i miss my roomates, my gang, my classmates, ISD5U1,and my is been almost two months i haven't seen them..really2 miss it..can't wait to see them tomorrow..for the new semester, i promise myself that i will try my best and work hard as much as i, i'm in semester 5..and 3rd year..waaa senior la..haha...i already checking my schedule for my semester 5..yes and yes..i dont have any class for the whole day on friday..but i have evening class everyday until 6's ok..cause it is better than doing nothing..last week, was PMMS..i would like to say that i have great and fun time during Minggu Mesra Siswa from 27th until 31st Disember 2009.. oh yeah i miss all biro-biro perubatan especially afza,anna,jacq,salmon,iqbal,wan.and all PM was really nice working together with all of you guys..hopes we meet again..freshie for this disember intake, ermm ok!!..very good than last semester intake..i'm gonna miss this all..being PM sangat lah best!!..haha..

Happy New Year 2010!!!!!....

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