Sunday, December 13, 2009

nyesal aku layan..haha

i always be a victim..i am coward..sometimes i'm making wrong decision without thinking whether it is good or not..if i have given a bravery, i want to fight with you..u always makes me feel stupid about you..i know u have skill or cleverness..oh please lah dont acting like that..u acting like a shit u know..before you said something, please consider people feelings first..u always break peoples heart and sometimes u hurt them..don't u think that huh, why u can't think about it??..and you know what??..u very lucky person because you have already found a good friend..but you ruined it, it is not that simple ok..

i really2 dont understand why on earth, there's might be a person like you is exist..i know no everybody is perfect, including me..but but but but..arghhhhhh..i dont know what to say dah..u really really really makes me feel geram ok..sik mok aku layan kau agik eyh mun kau dah macam ya..gaiiiiiiiiii kau juak..sapa yang terasa ya nasib lah..hahahaha...i always want to be a bad guy..sekali sekala jadi jahat sik apa oh..cobalah tgk dapat x muka aku jadi jahat?? your dream..lastly,come on lah i do have feelings ok..u think that i dont have rtye..fine....

p/s:believe me...i'm not gonna to do it ok..i mean doing something stupid like having a i dont have any experience to have a fight with someone unless with my siblings...of course we have..this is just to express my feelings towards that person...enough is i need to say sorry??..haha...bullshittt..


  1. mesti SUDU orgnya.
    kalau ye, sori :(

  2. xdelah..
    hey sudu xde kene mengene dlm kes inilah..hehe..sudu nie suka2 jak pikir bkn2 lah...

  3. laaa..
    pa kes tk?
    sapa anok ktk?
    bia mek srh ira anok nya..