Sunday, March 8, 2009

i'm underweight!..

i'm so damn i ate a lot...
i took breakfast around 8.00 am...then at 10.00 a.m i ate again and again.after that,i went to sugarbun..obviously,i have put on weight..and for your information i'm underweight...i think my weight is 42 or 43 kg something...waaaa...i am so skinny..haha..oh yes,I am skinny..mostly people call me skinny and tulang..i really2 hates that word..i mean the "tulang" word...thats word is "suck"...and my friend always call me "terlempir-lempir"...eventhough,i dont know what the meaning of the words..but i thinks that word is "suck" too...haha..hey guys?..i want to ask something..camney aku berjalan???...kenak ktk org salu pdh kmk jalan2 terlempir-lempir?? i wish that i can see myself while i'm walking..huhu...mun aku tgk..confirm aku malu..haha...sometimes nak if i walk alone..i will feel ashamed of myself..i dont know why?..maybe i think that people all around looking at me only so weirdly..haha aku sungguh perasan kan!..then i will imagine that they will say..."kenak ompuan tok jalan kedak tok oh?"..ciss...sik guna..ignore jaklah...i dont care what people want to say..because saya kadang2 juga akan mengata apa2 kepada orang lain..hehe..fair and square kan?..hehe..

last but not least..i adore him..hehe..
blog2 boh lupak...haha..
ok then..bye readers...


  1. u r underweight??same with I la..
    no need to feel ashamed..
    org jeles ngn kta bah..
    mek 46 kg jak..tu pn mek coba tmbh berat..mak mek mrh..mak pdh,bia jak cmya..kwn mek dlok lg F,nunggah mek "Skeleton"..suck!!

  2. iyupp..
    i'm underweight..hehe..
    yalah oh ..boh malu jak..hehe..
    buat bodo jak..
    eyh ktk 46?..neyda underweight..ok ya bah..badan ktk ok gik dr kmk bah..hehe..waaa skeleton..lawak juak org tunggah ktk..